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Last night was insane!went to the club and cant remember heading back to my flat!!my friends stayed up all night and then we had to practice with the band at 11 in the morning!!It was a very spaced out jam session but it was good! i’m glad we are all commited to this and no matter what state we are in we go for it! It a gorgeous day here in Scotland but its getting dark just now and its 4 in the afternoon!!its a bot weird and surreal! i remeber the first time i came here it was during the summer and i was out skating at my local skate park at 11 o clock and it wasn’t dark! i though that was so weird but very cool at the same time!!The only problem is the winter because i hardly get to see the daylight!



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Lost in the supermarket i am!i love that song by the clash by the way for all yous who dont know it!i’m playing for 2 bands -i work and i blog , im a very busy dude and still i always find loads of things that i want to do and i cant find time for them!i wanna take up phoography soon, i’ve always loved it but never had the time to get into it but this time im gonna go for it and im gonna start of with a Holga camera! My m8 and also drummer in my old band is a photographer and he introduced me to the concept of Holga photography and i immediately liked it! I love the fact that you can dismantle the camera and use your own masks to get the required effect! i know for a fact that most of the pictures could turn out a bit cunted but some of them will be amazing- and you cant get the same effect with digital cameras! Although im majorly into new technologies i still love ANALOG!cant beat it !it feels more lively and real!when something is extremely processed all the life is taken away from it.Don’t get me wrong the digital photography these days is amazing, however i love vintage old school analog photos-and i also love playing vinyl records(random but relevant)! i guess i find the beauty of things in imperfections! I know that this post makes me sound like im not sure about anything!there is a fine line between what i like and what i dont!im all lost in the supermarket@2 #$%^&%%#$@click the pic!


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These are some photos that i found on the web!I think the are amazing- and it must be quite difficult to capture a photo like that. I love this kind of photography, wish i could do it but im majorly shite at taking pictures!





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