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Probably one of my favourite bands just now! When i started listening to them nobody really knew anything about them. i think they had just one record out at the time and i thought it was amazing. Most the old stuff is far more experimental than new record but its worth a listen. Im glad they are getting the exposure they deserve with this record. They ‘ve maintained the experimental feel, but the songs are more poppy at the same time. Nobody’s really doing what animal collective are doing just now, i think Grizzly bear and animal collective are tryly doing something entirely new to all of us. It took 4-5 listens to get used to their new sound and now im tottaly hooked. The new record is called “Merriweather Post Pavilion

You should check it out!

“spin “

Animal Collective

Last night at New York City’s River Room Lounge, a crowd of lucky Animal Collective fans got an advance listen to the genre-bending band’s highly-anticipated new album, Merriweather Post Pavilion (the name of a famous Maryland amphitheater), out January 20 on Domino. Here are five important things SPIN.com learned about the record:

1. Your stereo system — and your headphones — are going to receive quite the workout. Merriweather is extremely bass-heavy and has traces of techno throughout its 11 tracks, especially on the more joyous songs “My Girls” and “Brothersport.” But don’t outfit your car with subwoofers just yet — Animal Collective have loaded the record with a barrage of high-pitched samples, including those found on “Summertime Clothes” and the serene and lovely ballad “Bluish.”

2. Vampire Weekend aren’t the only ones who listen to Paul Simon. The Afro-pop rhythms of “Lion In A Coma” and “Brothersport” are direct descendents of Simon’s 1986 classic Graceland. And the wavering vocal melody of opener “In The Flowers” sounds like it would be right at home on the legendary singer-songwriter’s 1972 self-titled debut, you know, with some zany alterations, of course.

3. Collaboration is the root of inspiration. If last year’s Animal Collective album Strawberry Jam left some feeling confused, it was partially due to its split-personality — Avey Tare’s (a.k.a. David Porter) shouts and yelps were somewhat mismatched against Panda Bear’s (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) meditative hymns. Luckily, Merriweather Post Pavilion feels much more coherent. Take, for example, the group vocal harmonies found in tracks like “Also Frightened” and “No More Runnin.”

4. Merriweather Post Pavilion is not Panda Bear’s solo record. The members of Animal Collective that had a hand in making this record — Avey Tare, Panda Bear, and Geologist (a.k.a. Brian Weitz) — have said that they drew inspiration from last year’s gorgeous solo effort from Panda Bear, Person Pitch. While Merriweather clearly takes notes from that album’s sampling and tropical grooves, it’s not the unified statement about love, loss, and depression that Person Pitch represents. Instead, the record represents a range of emotions, from the philosophical sermonizing of “My Girls” to the corporeal musings of “Taste.”

5. Expect the unexpected. The lush sounds of Merriweather Post Pavilion strongly contrasts with the tension of Strawberry Jam… just as Strawberry Jam was a departure from the band’s 2005 set, Feels, and Feels was a departure from — well, you get the idea. Animal Collective have changed their style with every album, and Merriweather is no different. And one thing is certain: A year from now, they’ll have moved on to something completely different again.


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Great night yesterday, got absolutely c@#ted, tryied to get in to some clubs but the queues were insane! I diddnt dress up finally however this old guy came up to me and said” i thought you were dressed up for a moment there but then i realized that you re not, you are just strange. So here it goes !Five songs to soothe your sundae afternoon hangover.

Sufjan stevens: Chicago


The Flaming Stars: A little bit like you

The Flaming Stars - Sunset & Void

Brighet Eyes: First day of my life


Modest Mouse: sleepwalking


Old Canes: Both falling bright

old canes cover

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I was recently visited by my good friends from Athens who i used to play in band with before we moved to Scotland. When i was still in Athens my band and my friends band where probably the first acts to play English/American folk music and include instruments like glockspiel-banjo-ukelele etc and we were very proud of that. Anyway i m in a Glasgow based folk band Rose Parade and we had some gigs lined up last August and my friends from Athens played also and it was a great vibe. I remember them telling me that they saw this amazing band in London called Mumford and Sons but i didnt take much notice at the time, but they kept going on about how amazing they are so i had to go and check them out. I only listened to their music about 3 months ago(they ve been playing for at least a year or more as M&S). I fell in love with their music maybe because its exactly the style of music i play. They use a lot of banjos and traditional instuments but the music is not that traditional is sounds really poppy. I cant believe the amount of success and exposure they ve had over the past month! Everybody is talking about them, they are going to be massive which is obviously a good thing for them. However i was always the guy that liked to keep some bands to myself and not share my favourite underground bands with all the scene kids.But i wish them well!Finaly some good music getting out there!


ps(They used to be Laura marlings Back up band-and still  are..i think) respect!


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