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Little fire are a band from Ayr, Scotland fronted by Jamie Mcgeechan who is the leader of the band. There isn’t a way of describing little fires music or comparing to similar artists as every track is different in its own way. I can hear quite a lot of acoustic folk and brit pop influences that are nicely blended in most tracks. I have been listening to them for quite a while now and i really enjoy the honesty this music brings out, the songs are not polished up with complicated music riffs and expensive productions, which is a good thing as i believe that with this kind of music polished studio productions can destroy the song and take away all the honesty and feeling it brings out. My heart to give is one of little fires latest songs, its a nice and slow acoustic folk song that reminds of Damien rice’s earlier songs (O). If you are a fan of Damien Rice, Laura Marling and you appreciate honest truthful lyrics you will definitely enjoy Little fire as this song is almost like a confession accompanied by really nice music.

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