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Hi folks , Rose parade are releasing a new ep and it’s called Grace! It will be available to buy online in September 2010, If you like Banjos, strung out guitars and weird glockenspiels you might like this track! I actually love the artwork for this EP! You can listen to Rose parades new song here:

Rose Parade – Grace

Rose Parade Grace EP

Rose Parade Grace EP


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Little fire are a band from Ayr, Scotland fronted by Jamie Mcgeechan who is the leader of the band. There isn’t a way of describing little fires music or comparing to similar artists as every track is different in its own way. I can hear quite a lot of acoustic folk and brit pop influences that are nicely blended in most tracks. I have been listening to them for quite a while now and i really enjoy the honesty this music brings out, the songs are not polished up with complicated music riffs and expensive productions, which is a good thing as i believe that with this kind of music polished studio productions can destroy the song and take away all the honesty and feeling it brings out. My heart to give is one of little fires latest songs, its a nice and slow acoustic folk song that reminds of Damien rice’s earlier songs (O). If you are a fan of Damien Rice, Laura Marling and you appreciate honest truthful lyrics you will definitely enjoy Little fire as this song is almost like a confession accompanied by really nice music.

Check them out on myspace & facebook

Little fire myspace

Little fire facebook

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I don’t know if you’ve heard of this band Frightened Rabbit, if you haven’t and you are into the likes of Mumford and sons, Laura Marling and the new folk explosion that seems to be happening just now i strongly recommend you give them a listen. The winter of fixed drinks is their 3rd studio album and it’s the kind of record that you need to listen to about 4-5 times before you start getting into to it, although this record has more poppy melodies from their previous work it still plays with a lot of shoegazy sounds that blend in nicely with acoustic folk pop songs.



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Great night yesterday, got absolutely c@#ted, tryied to get in to some clubs but the queues were insane! I diddnt dress up finally however this old guy came up to me and said” i thought you were dressed up for a moment there but then i realized that you re not, you are just strange. So here it goes !Five songs to soothe your sundae afternoon hangover.

Sufjan stevens: Chicago


The Flaming Stars: A little bit like you

The Flaming Stars - Sunset & Void

Brighet Eyes: First day of my life


Modest Mouse: sleepwalking


Old Canes: Both falling bright

old canes cover

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I was recently visited by my good friends from Athens who i used to play in band with before we moved to Scotland. When i was still in Athens my band and my friends band where probably the first acts to play English/American folk music and include instruments like glockspiel-banjo-ukelele etc and we were very proud of that. Anyway i m in a Glasgow based folk band Rose Parade and we had some gigs lined up last August and my friends from Athens played also and it was a great vibe. I remember them telling me that they saw this amazing band in London called Mumford and Sons but i didnt take much notice at the time, but they kept going on about how amazing they are so i had to go and check them out. I only listened to their music about 3 months ago(they ve been playing for at least a year or more as M&S). I fell in love with their music maybe because its exactly the style of music i play. They use a lot of banjos and traditional instuments but the music is not that traditional is sounds really poppy. I cant believe the amount of success and exposure they ve had over the past month! Everybody is talking about them, they are going to be massive which is obviously a good thing for them. However i was always the guy that liked to keep some bands to myself and not share my favourite underground bands with all the scene kids.But i wish them well!Finaly some good music getting out there!


ps(They used to be Laura marlings Back up band-and still  are..i think) respect!


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