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I love these!!how the hell did they manage to do that??is it real or is it photoshoped??I found these on a really cool website called toxel. You need to check them all out!!Probably gonna head today and getĀ  a pumpkin after work! i wont bother carving something really cool out of it cause ill destroy it!but yeh i love these!! I’m also wondering what to dress up as this halloween? I usually dont dress up cause i cant be arsed and i just end up going out and goin crazy on the drink and ending up at party somewhere! This time however i have decided to make an effort and dress up, think i’m gonna go as a serial killer!my mate recommended to wrap kling film around my face and make 3 holes for eyes and mouth–i saw his picture looks really cool, but i m just gonna wear white and cover myself in fake blood. Anyway im fucking of for now!bye






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These are some photos that i found on the web!I think the are amazing- and it must be quite difficult to capture a photo like that. I love this kind of photography, wish i could do it but im majorly shite at taking pictures!





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I was recently visited by my good friends from Athens who i used to play in band with before we moved to Scotland. When i was still in Athens my band and my friends band where probably the first acts to play English/American folk music and include instruments like glockspiel-banjo-ukelele etc and we were very proud of that. Anyway i m in a Glasgow based folk band Rose Parade and we had some gigs lined up last August and my friends from Athens played also and it was a great vibe. I remember them telling me that they saw this amazing band in London called Mumford and Sons but i didnt take much notice at the time, but they kept going on about how amazing they are so i had to go and check them out. I only listened to their music about 3 months ago(they ve been playing for at least a year or more as M&S). I fell in love with their music maybe because its exactly the style of music i play. They use a lot of banjos and traditional instuments but the music is not that traditional is sounds really poppy. I cant believe the amount of success and exposure they ve had over the past month! Everybody is talking about them, they are going to be massive which is obviously a good thing for them. However i was always the guy that liked to keep some bands to myself and not share my favourite underground bands with all the scene kids.But i wish them well!Finaly some good music getting out there!


ps(They used to be Laura marlings Back up band-and stillĀ  are..i think) respect!


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